KB Social Artworking At-Home Kits and Classes

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Try KB Social Artworking, for a family fun night! Anyone can do it. This Is truly “Art for Everyone” Painting experience not required, just a sense of adventure. We’ll give you the step-by-step instruction, supplies and paint you need to complete your design. Why risk going to a store or shopping a big box store when you can have this delivered to your door step.

Questions please call us 1-603-203-0081 or visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kbsocialartworking/  or website https://kbsocialartworking.com/ to sign up to paint and create your favorite KB Social Artworking design or project.

⭐️New Classes are HERE! In Person Studio Classes MUST reserve a seat limited space. 🎨Lot’s of fun projects. 🙌 loaded into the App, go over and check them out https://occ.sn/i5jngwfw


To register for this class use this link https://occ.sn/ngHtJH9v

To register for this class use this link https://occ.sn/Kw3phxlw

To register for this class use this link https://occ.sn/cGdJ5lNt

To register for class https://occ.sn/Kw3phxlw

To register for this class please use this link https://occ.sn/SQjWkkkW

To register for this class use this link https://occ.sn/qFp8vDST

To register for this class at Royal Palm Beach Brewery use this link https://occ.sn/FgvcKvZC

To register for this class use this link https://occ.sn/FBVhxTph

To register for this class use this link https://occ.sn/pPmsXw8g

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Cancellation policy

First and foremost – there are NO credits or refunds for no-shows.

I reserve the right to cancel any classes without a minimum of 8 attendees – if that is the case and that does happen, you will receive an email and a full refund of your paint night charge in the form that you paid.

If for whatever reason you decide not to come to a paint night that you have already paid for, I must be notified at a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event so that I can reopen the spot – as there are waiting lists at some events.

Fundraisers are FINAL SALE – no Credits or Refunds! Unless the total amount attending is less than 10 attendees then I will issue refunds or options for an at home kit. 

We LOVE to host Fundraisers.  Please give us a call to select a date.
If you would like to send an email please do.  kbsocialartworking@gmail.com

You can reach me at:
Phone: 1-603-203-0081
Email: KBsocialartworking@gmail.com
Website: KBsocialartworking.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KBsocialartworking