Junior Painting Samples

Today I worked on 2 Junior Paint samples.  Overall they came out great.

The Social Artworking experience was created for people without any painting experience. This truly is “Art for Everyone.” You will be instructed one step at a time through your painting and we think you will be surprised at what you can do!

The Happy Camper, it takes almost 3 hours with dry time.

Junior Camper

This one is called GOAL, it total time was 2 hours with dry time.  This one can be made a boy or girl.

Soccer Player Junior

You select the piece that you would like to paint by selecting what class you would like to attend from the Social Artworking schedule. All class attendees will be instructed to paint the specific piece that you signed up for.

You can reach me at:

Phone: 1-603-203-0081

Email: KBsocialartworking@gmail.com

Website: KBsocialartworking.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KBsocialartworking

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